Why I Like Trader Joe’s

There are many things that make me happy. Puppies, nice old people, blueberry scones, people getting caught cheating, etc. However, Trader Joe’s is at the top of the list. Yes, they are not perfect. Sometimes their fruit gets moldy the day after I buy it, it’s not sourced locally, and their bread is hard as rocks BUT here are the reasons why I love them still:

1. Two Buck Chuck. Okay, if you live in Kansas City like I do it’s really four buck chuck but it’s still awesome.

2. The employees are super friendly and ask weird questions. The other day I was in and the cashier asked me if I had ever seen a whale give birth. Seriously. She was awesome.

3. Free samples. Yeah, I’m cheap and unemployed. So what?

4. CHOCOLATED COVERED, COATED, SPRINKLED EVERYTHING. You want edamame covered in chocolate? You got it. You want espresso beans coated in dark chocolate? You got it. My favorite is the chocolate covered ginger bites.

5. Coffee selection is superb.

6. Seemingly cheap. Everything is packaged is smaller quantities so I might not be getting the best value but my grocery bill is significantly lower compared to other grocery stores.

7. Healthy stuff. Okay, this is a stretch considering my usual basket of goods contains the above mentioned chocolate items, pb pretzels, tortilla chips, ice cream… but their tortilla chips have flaxseeds in them so that’s healthy right???

8. I like that I can go there at 8pm and it’s still well stocked. And they tend to give me free stuff right before they close so it’s a win win situation.

9. It’s small. While this leads to sometimes overly crowded isles with lost kids, strollers, and not so nice old people, I like that I can find everything easily and quickly.

10. Did I say chocolate covered everything?



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